thoughts on god’s plan

welcome to our blog.

for a while i have been thinking of way to effectively get out our thoughts on church life, missions, and life in south east asia as wel as encourage others to join us in our ministry here.

i came across this site from one of my former classmates’ sites and since in enjoyed the stuff he had on his, i decided to give it a try. since i am new at this whole thing, please bear with me as i get the hang of this.

today i sit here as a single man–well actually a single man with 2 kids!! eva left me for 2 weeks to attend the wedding of mike and christine, two of our former youth group members in langley, bc. she will get back on 21 july.

in my job i have the opportunity to preach in a lot of different churches. just last sunday i had the chance to preach in one of our sister churches. during the service they had a special part where they talked about raising funds for a new building. as i listened to their dreams i began to think about the dream god has for us as christians. pleas understand that i am not being critical of what is happening today in churches — i actually think they are doing a great job — i am just coming to terms with my thoughts on what impact can i have on the world!

i began to realise that god is not primarily looking for us to establish a 1000-seat church that has so many members, etc ., etc., etc.

how does god describe what he is looking for on earth? a place of justice, no poverty, blessing, hope, joy, peace, etc., in society as a whole–not just among a small group of people!!

so what does that look like? how do you create a society with those attributes? i guess that is the $64,000 question! i think that it would be more like a movement than an organisation.

how does one start a movement like that? how do we get people to change their lives to conform to those ideals?

eva gave me some good advice the other day. she told me not to change the world in a day but to start the process and slowly build up until all of a sudden the world is changed. i guess i need to change the way i think and act and not worry too much about others–the way i drive, my attitude toward those who are around me.

o, of course, i need to pray 🙂

One thought on “thoughts on god’s plan

  1. Mike, you are being too easy on the church today. It looks far too much like just another religion to me. Okay, now that I have horrified some (I am serious about the statement), I trust that everyone will agree with what Mike said about creating an alive spiritual community. What does that really look like- somewhat like the Book of Acts right?


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