monkey world

i was watching “monkey world” on animal planet the other day and it had this couple who basically built a zoo for monkeys over the past 15 years. i wondered where they got their funding and realised that they found groups and individuals who shared their passion for monkeys! my passion is not monkeys (not by any stretch of the imagination!!!). my passion is training pastors. so i began to ask myself the following questions:

1. who has a passion for pastoral training and churchplanting? in the Philippines? in Canada? in the US?

2. what kinds of people are they? pastors? professors? schools?

3. are there businesses/ businessmen (ie. people with financial resources) who are into seeing pastors trained?

4. how can i partner with them here in south east asia so we can continue our pastoral training and churchplanting?

do you have the answers to my questions?

One thought on “monkey world

  1. Hey, MikeThat really makes sense.My own experience with visiting you and your family as well as actually doing a short term mission (two months in Thailand), has helped me to understand so much better than I ever could in a pew. I thought I supported missions until I actually got out here and realized how little we give.My impression as I read your thoughts that it would be pastors and other missionaries that most share your vision. Not exactly the group with the most disposable income that I know but….I will be encouraging others to actually get out into the field and see the fields that both need work as well as those that are ripe for the harvest! My experience will enhance my ability to give.


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